VIP Cinemas is a dealer for Lumagen and Crystalio scalers.

A high-quality video scaler is more than just an upconverter designed to change resolutions from lower to higher. It is also a sophisticated video processor, with the ability to make adjustments for motion, convert from film to video, and change aspect ratios while serving as a complete AV hub and switcher.

Most of our video systems at home will have a large amount of sources, with varying output resolutions and refresh rates. None of these sources are likely to actually output a resolution or refresh rate that is optimum for our display! Many of the internal processors present in high-definition displays do an inadequate job of scaling and de-interlacing video signals because they are not equipped to effectively handle all resolutions.

Good scalers are able to be configured to optimise the capture and processing of all these signals, and to then output them at the most appropriate resolution and refresh rate for the source material and the display.


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