Room Correction

All rooms distort sound

A good loudspeaker is designed to deliver sound without distortion or coloration. But when speakers are placed in a room, things change. Walls, furniture, and other objects reflect and absorb the sound from your speakers, creating complex distortions, specific to your room, which could not be predicted by the loudspeaker designer.

MultEQ is the first technology to properly measure sound information throughout your listening area, and then combine this information to accurately represent the acoustical problems in the room. Based on these measurements, MultEQ calculates an equalization solution that corrects for both time and frequency response problems in every seat. The MultEQ solution results in a listening experience unlike anything you have heard before.

With the Audyssey Sound Equalizer, you can integrate the Audyssey MultEQ room correction technology—into your home cinema separates system.

Alternatively, we offer the PARC EQ which handles the signal entirely in analogue form without any A/D and D/A conversions. This is the purist’s choice maintaining the initial dynamics without sacrificing transparency.


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