A lighting control system will enable you to enjoy a “digital lifestyle” to the full. Luxury and home automation at an affordable price.

The system adds elegance and sophistication to the design of any home, inside and out. Simple and stylish control plates eliminate the need for banks of switches and dimmers on the wall, giving your walls an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The ability to preset lighting to entertain, create a mood, or light a path in the night, are just a few of the endless possibilities a system offers.

The attractive control plates can be configured to control any part of your house from anywhere. For example, a “Goodbye” button at the front door can be configured to turn off all the lights and close all the blinds.

The only limit is your imagination.

Whole House Lighting Control System

A lighting control system can find an application in a single room, or as a whole house control solution. A single room lighting control system like the ones offered from Lutron and Mode Lighting, would add some magic into everyday’s routine.

A simple Lutron dimmer in the dining room would be the simplest form of a lighting control system. Such a lighting control system can turn a meal into a special occasion. We are all familiar that good restaurants would utilise a lighting control system in order to create the most comfortable lighting levels possible.
Another benefit of a lighting control system is the creation of different scenes, which would provide the correct lighting level for every individual task. The lighting control system will create the correct environment, every time. Mode lighting and Lutron, both offer such products, in a variety of finishes.

In a home cinema environment, a lighting control system would allow us to get the best picture quality, by preventing screen glare. A lighting control system has the benefit of easy integration. One could automatically dim the lights, by just pressing play on the remote control. Most of the times we are able to place the lighting control system outside any critical listening areas, in order to avoid noises and interference. It is something that a conventional wall switch wouldn’t easily allow. However, a sophisticated lighting control system makes this possible, and the benefits are enormous. Lutron and Mode lighting control systems also offer the option of adding quiet transformers, in order for one to appreciate the quietness of their operation.

A whole house lighting control system is not much different. It offers a more customisable control, throughout the house. Mode lighting and Lutron have such products. They are easy to integrate with the home’s automation system; they offer the ultimate lighting control systems today.
Mode Lighting comes with a DMX controller on board, so having colour changing lights in certain areas is a possibility. Colour changing leds could be used that have very low consumption. Mood lighting is all about an illusion; colour changing lights with leds can easily achieve this, and allow us to create an unlimited combination of colours. A good lighting control system has such a convenience. Colour changing lights can be seen in our demo room. A mode lighting control system does the control and touch panels are used.

It is not hard to visualise the dramatic effect a lighting control system would have in a bathroom area. Easy to create a relaxing atmosphere, use colour changing lights to recall a favourite colour, can make all the difference. Mood lighting at its best.

Lutron and Mode Lighting control system offer various styles and colours for their wall switches that would compliment any decor. Partner such a lighting control system with the ability of colour changing lights, and you have an unbeatable product.

Lutron and mode lighting control systems can enhance today’s lifestyle. They offer a convenient and sophisticated control of your home’s lighting; interior and exterior. A whole house lighting control system has no limit. It can be as big as you need it to be.

A whole house lighting control system offers enhanced security. In case of an intrusion, the sensors would pick up the movement and turn all light on. On top of that, all exterior lighting could start flashing, creating a very uncomfortable situation for the unwanted visitor. This is a major concern for people when they are way. A whole house lighting control system takes care of that. The system can easily imitate that the house is occupied, but turning lights on and off; it will look like you’ve never left home.
Lutron and mode lighting control systems have an astronomical time clock. That is a very useful function, because it enables us to automatically trigger events at specific times in the day. Even better, the lighting control system can trigger events at times relative to sunrise or sunset. As an example, you might want to turn the garden light on ten minutes before sunset every night, and activate the sprinkler system to water the lawn every other day at sunrise.

The lighting control system has RS-232 serial communication capability, so integrating with audio, video and other systems in a home, is possible. That makes a lighting control system part of your home, and it could easily add value to it. It easily transforms it to the place everybody would like to live in. 

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