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CEDIA 2007 Award
At CEDIA US 2007 we won the Bronze award, for the “Best Home Theater”, between $550.000 and $870.000.

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Our Home Cinema Design process

Home Cinema Design Step #1

The client contacts us regarding his home cinema design. Our main concern is to hear the client's requirements and ideas regarding their home cinema installation, and identify their needs.



Home Cinema Design Step #2

There are times that people want to do the home cinema installation by themselves, but don't know where to start. Not everybody is able to create a correct home cinema design. We always encourage diyers, because they are "passion driven", like us. We offer the home cinema design service as a separate option, without performing the actual installation. In this case, we will create a unique home cinema design that will comply within the industry's standards. The client will have full support throughout the cinema's building process. He can then do the home cinema installation by himself, and ensure that the room is correctly designed.

However, most people prefer to contact us regarding the home cinema design and home cinema installation, as a package. We visit the client's home and look at the designated location where the home cinema installation would take place. This is a critical aspect in the whole home cinema design process. We will identify limitations and talk through with the client regarding the home cinema installation.

We will also talk to the client about the benefits of constructing a room which is isolated from the rest of the structure. It is actually very easy to demonstrate the benefits. Isolating the room will eliminate any noise bleeding into the cinema room, and from any vibrations being transmitted into the adjacent rooms. We promote "sound quality needs to come from the room and not the electronics alone". The room is a system component that cannot be upgraded easily once built.


Home Cinema Design Step #3

This is the fun part; we will generate room renderings showing the client the finished result, before we even start the home cinema installation process. This is a fantastic service and strongly recommended. Creating a nice looking room becomes much easier; it is possible to change the fabric colours, the home cinema seating layout, the carpet, even the lighting. Absolutely everything is possible. We can then provide a visual look of the dedicated home cinema room. This service is available of course for any kind of system.

The technical part of our home cinema design process is what people find unique. Our academic profile will easily prove this. One of the most famous USA's home cinema designers Dennis Erskine, designs our rooms. Dennis Erskine instructs in Home Acoustic Alliance about home cinema design and home cinema installation-calibration. You can find more information under the tab "Services-Home Cinema Engineering".

A member of our staff is currently undertaking an MSc in Audio Acoustics in Salford University. You can be assured that your home cinema installation is in good hands.

We will provide a home cinema design that will have correct viewing angles, we will calculate the custom curvature of your screen and deal with all early reflection issues. You should also expect a home cinema installation that deals with the room's modes; we offer proper modal management with custom resonant absorbers. We will construct silencers for your HVAC system and a baffled front stage. We will ensure proper envelopment and a smooth low frequency response for the seating area. This is what we call hi end home cinema installation.



Our Home Cinema Installation process

Home Cinema Installation Step #1

This is where we create the skeleton of the room. In this part we soundproof and isolate the room from the rest of the structure and all framing is completed.


Home Cinema Installation Step #2

This is the stage where the room has a shape and everything is in place; the proscenium, soffits, riser, and the front stage. The home cinema installation is not complete; it is time to apply the acoustic treatments and stretch the acoustic fabric over the walls. Sometimes we might use custom designed acoustic panels, but the whole room fabric stretch is generally the client's favourite choice. We have hundreds of acoustic fabrics to choose from. We actually have two specialists treating our interiors, so be assured that your home cinema installation would be of the highest specs.


Home Cinema Installation Step #3

Everything looks complete, but it is not. Most of our systems are a 9.4 configuration, so in order to avoid comb filters and achieve a smooth response we perform an extensive audio calibration. The picture is also calibrated using a very accurate spectroradiometer; it is not a filter based design like other companies tend to use. The custom home cinema installation is now complete and if a control system has been specified, we'd ensure the client is confident using it.

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