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VIP Cinemas is an authorised dealer for AMX, Netstreams and Philips control systems. We install digital multi room audio/video systems, which are a pleasure to use. This provides total control in the palm of your hand.

We also offer custom bespoke work, for clients seeking a specialised solution that standard products don’t currently provide.

For example:

Plasma lift mechanisms
Projector drop mechanisms
Motorised curtain tracks and blinds

Home Automation and Multi Room Audio

There are a lot of brands one could use, in order to have a multi room audio distribution. Some of our favourites here are Elan, AMX and Netstreams. They do not only offer multi room audio capability, but also can be used for different home automation applications.

Home automation would include any kind of control of a home's subsystem. That could be done via a wall touch panel, or even a wireless touch screen. Home automation is a very general term, and it could be as simple as lowering a blind, and at the other extreme, we could have the most complicated home automation system design. The good thing with home automation applications is that they are designed specifically for the client's needs. AMX, Netstreams and Elan all offer full customisation through their products.

AMX is probably on the top of the pyramid, when it comes to home automation. AMX has a very large range of controllers and touch panels. They are all able to be programmed into a very detailed specification, making AMX the king of the castle. AMX is always the first choice for home automation applications, when the budget allows. AMX actually designs and manufactures everything themselves. That would ensure that they can service and support any of their products, in years to come. The AMX touch panels can control and automate all electronics in a residential application, thus making life relaxing and pleasant. They also offer their own multi room audio and multi room video distribution solutions, or they can just integrate with a third party multi room audio and multi room video solution.

AMX has recently announced a new product in their home automation range. One can now transform his AMX touch panel into a full featured IP phone. The same touch panel of course would control the multi room audio system. Controlling a projector lift mechanism or a plasma lift with AMX, is a piece of cake.

Netstreams is another well known brand in the home automation industry. They actually have a different way that their multi room audio solution works. One can have 1.800.000 sources and 1.800.000 zones, without a problem! Netstreams is an IP based system and has developed patent-pending technologies. All Netstreams digilinx products have their own IP address, so a touch panel and an amplifier of a multi room audio system, are parts of the Netstreams network.

The Netstreams home automation and multi room audio solution is unique. Netstreams have solved the problem that all multi room audio systems have; sound degradation due to distance. Netstreams multi room audio solution is able to decentralise the building blocks of the multi room audio system. The Netstreams amplifier can be placed within the room, close to the speakers. The cable is then relatively short, so enhanced sound quality can be achieved. The Netstreams network of a multi room audio system eliminates the need of a matrix switch, which saves a lot of programming time. Lower distortion would then be achieved, because the multi room audio system streams the information all the way to the room, and then decodes it, right next to the speakers. Their home automation solutions have the same networking principles behind their original design. Home automation and multi room audio is just a large scaled network, which is easy to maintain and install.

Netstreams multi room audio has the ability to transmit all relevant metadata back to the touch panels, or the wireless touch screens throughout the house. Netstreams systems can integrate with AMX or another third party control system, giving the client the ability to have AMX as the front end for the whole home automation and Netstreams multi room audio quality.

A very reliable home automation company is Elan. Elan products are very popular in the US, due to their great reliability. One could create a six zone multi room audio system, without breaking the bank. Multi room video is a possibility, of course. Elan has a large range of wall touch panels and a new wireless touch screen that compliments the range. Their system Eight is one of their most popular multi room audio packages. With eight audio and video inputs, one can choose from all his favourite music and video sources; even everything on his iPod.

Elan came up with a film interactive touchpad, the Ole. A graphic organic led display can be personalised in a wide variety of colours. The different layouts available, makes this Elan home automation product very unique. Intermediate or complete control of a multi room audio system is achievable, making Elan a very reputable home automation solution. Third party integration comes as standard, so an AMX controller could be used to selectively control certain functions of the system, along with AMX touch panels.

Single room control can easily be achieved with a Philips Pronto remote control. The new generation of Philips Pronto is a breakthrough. It offers a unparallel way of control, for the price. Philips Pronto is probably the most popular multi remote. It can be used as part of a multi room audio system, or as an interface for the home automation.

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