Home Cinema Design

Our home cinemas are designed to the highest specifications. We are proud to have one of the world’s best home cinema specialists, designing for us.

Dennis Erskine’s primary area of specialisation is architectural room acoustics. His home cinema designs are characterised by superior sound quality
…a quality which must come from the room, not speakers or electronics. Dennis Erskine is CEDIA Subject Matter Expert (SME), and
one of the CEDIA members determining what the certification and testing processes will be. Dennis sets the standards of performance for this industry. He is the only SME for Home Cinemas and Acoustics in the US Southeast. He is the co-author of the CEDIA Recommend Audio Practices document.

We will provide the client with an architectural drawing for the floorplan, elevation, framing, electrical, lighting, stage, and soffits. We will
also provide a complete list of acoustic materials, seating and fabrics.The plans include an acoustic analysis of reverberation times and room modes, along with sound isolation construction techniques. We will provide the correct speaker and subwoofer placements, proper screen size, sound treatments and seating locations.

If needed, we can provide a team to build it for you.

THX Certified Home Cinemas

THX Certified Home Cinemas are the pinnacle of home cinema acoustic design. In order to keep the project within The THX standards, Dennis Erskine and his team will supervise the project throughout the design, installation and calibration process. When completed,
the THX Certified Home Cinema is assigned a plaque with a THX serial number.




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