Triad Platinum Subwoofer - September 13th, 2008

In a previous article we mentioned the importance of choosing the correct electronics for a home cinema installation; something that needs to be taken care of from the cinema’s design stage. The subwoofers play a big role for the ‘excitement level’. Explosions and all other demanding parts of a sound track should sound powerful, yet articulate at all playback levels.

The LFE channel in a home cinema room needs to reach 115db; a difficult task for most subwoofers. The Triad Platinum subwoofer, with its 18” driver and 1000W rack mountable power amplifier is an excellent candidate. We always try to accommodate the large subwoofers behind the screen, in a home cinema installation. This is probably a good place to hide something so big and powerful. The Triad Platinum subwoofer weighs almost 100lbs; it is definitely a beast.

It can be ordered in custom veneers and colours, so it would be less intrusive, in any home cinema room. There is also a unique wall-mounting kit that would allow the 18” driver to fire through a purpose built wall or cabinet. The rack mountable power amplifier is an excellent choice, especially for a custom home cinema installation. It allows us to keep the power amplification for the whole home cinema together, keep it close to the external DSP unit, and perform an easier calibration.

The Triad Platinum subwoofer will be found in many excellent home cinema installations; that just proves how good its sound quality performance really is.

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