Triad In Wall Omni Sconce Speaker - October 28th, 2008

Triad’s latest in wall speaker was designed to be a unique solution for home cinema systems that required a successful integration of high performance audio into modern living spaces. The Omni Sconce speaker is the first of its kin, combining a high quality speaker with a lighting sconce for the wall. In fact, the speaker’s wall sconce industrial design and lighting were developed with input from the interior design community.

Inside the in wall Omni Sconce speaker is a high quality, powerful loudspeaker system that can handle 80 continuous watts. Sonically matched to all other Triad Omni speakers, it is ideal for use as a primary speaker in a home cinema installation or a multi room audio application. Each in wall Omni Sconce speaker contains 12 powerful led’s for bright, even light dispersion onto the wall.

Different lighting colours are made possible by selecting or mixing and matching any of the six colour gels included with each Sconce. Hundreds of different colour gels are available, and a complete colour gel swatch book can be ordered from Triad at no charge. A single dimming zone can include up to 30 in wall speakers, for a bespoke finish in any installation.

The Triad in wall Omni Sconce speaker closes the gap in surround speaker design. A very common dilemma in many home cinema designs is the surround speaker’s placement. Triad’s new in wall speaker ensures a seamless integration with the rest of the home cinema system, while maintaining a unique look. A lighting sconce with great sound.

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