Triad In Wall Gold Monitor Speakers - November 5th, 2008

Triad’s Gold Monitor is the benchmark of all custom speakers. Designing and building an invisible home cinema system of unrivalled quality is now a possibility. These in wall home cinema speakers give up nothing to more intrusive and expensive freestanding alternatives. The paintable metal grille will ensure a seamless integration in any environment.

The in-wall Gold Monitor speaker utilises proprietary Scan-Speak drivers mounted in a very solid enclosure, requiring only 6″ of wall depth. They can be easily placed behind an acoustically transparent screen for a discrete home cinema installation, and matched with other Triad surround speakers for proper envelopment. These in wall speakers will perform equally well for a full range system, in case a subwoofer is not an option. They have a clear and dynamic sound, providing a very wide and focused soundstage. 

The inwall Triad Gold Monitors is our first preference when a discrete hi-end sound is required. Their sound quality is excellent in every genre of music and they make a superb choice for films soundtracks as well. Vocals, piano and percussion sound clear, crisp and articulate. Dialogues are open and transparent, and high frequency response is clean with plenty of detail.

The Triad Gold Monitors offer all the advantages of hi-end in wall speakers with none of their compromises. If performance and aesthetics is your main goal for a home cinema speaker system, then you found the product for you.

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