Triad Gold Subwoofer - October 16th, 2008

Triad Inroom Gold subwoofer houses a front-firing 15″ woofer, but is actually quite modest in size, making it a manoeuvrable sub for easier integration with the interior. A 500W rack-mounted amplifier delivers enough power to drive the subwoofer at some serious SPL’s.

Triad Gold subwoofer has a modest clean output and exhibits an extremely linear phase response. The Gold Powersub was designed to provide the highest level of musical accuracy at moderate playback levels. If you are seeking louder playback levels for a home cinema environment, you should plan on using dual Triad Gold subwoofers. Dedicated home cinema installations can easily accommodate multiple subwoofers behind the acoustically transparent screen, so the desired output could easily be reached.

Excellent music performance is a strong suit for this subwoofer. It can handle deep organ notes without a problem, and it simply sounds outstanding. Well recorded bass kick-drum sounds tight with no bloat or overhang. Triad Gold subwoofer offers exceptional performance on music, with outstanding balance, pitch, coherence, and very deep in-room extension.

Large home cinema installations will probably find the Gold subwoofer offering a limited performance. In a mid-size home cinema room one would need two Powersubs for aggressive playback levels without any strain or compression. Multiple subwoofers in home cinema installations is a typical design concept, because it helps smooth out room modes and improve overall system dynamics.

People that place a premium in accuracy, sound quality, and almost unlimited deep extension, will find the Triad Gold subwoofer to be an excellent choice for their stereo or home cinema system.

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  1. manash Says:

    It is quite a marvelous unit, and fact that you can conveniently maneuver it according to your needs makes it very alluring.

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