Revel Performa B15a Subwoofer - November 26th, 2008

Revel’s Performa B15a is one of the nicest home cinema subwoofers one could possibly own. Featuring unique Revel technologies, it offers tremendous low frequency reproduction, enhancing any high end home cinema installation. The B15a subwoofer features a 15″ driver and with its prodigious bass capabilities will do justice to the most demanding home cinema systems. The built-in 1000 watt power amplifier ensures incredible dynamics and control, and along with its reserve capacity it can deliver up to 1400 watts if needed. 

Conventional home cinema subwoofers that offer plain level and crossover frequency controls, usually fail to provide accurate deep bass response due to the interference with the home cinema room itself. Therefore, the Revel Performa 15a subwoofer is equipped with a parametric equaliser that allows a smooth low frequency response to be achieved in hi-end home cinema installations

This delivers tuneful and musical low bass reproduction without the boomy and irritating response of typical home cinema subwoofers. The Revel B15a subwoofer seamlessly integrates with the most demanding home cinema speakers and improves performance far above its frequency range, thus creating a holographic three-dimensional soundstage.

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