Parasound JC1 Monoraul Power Amplifier - September 3rd, 2008

Parasound’s JC1 is one of the nicest designs ever made. With its phenomenal 400W at 8 Ohm, this power amplifier can deliver tremendous dynamics in a home cinema environment, or even in a two channel setup. It doubles its power for a 4 Ohm load; that’s how well designed it is.

Listening to these monoblocks is a thrilling experience. There are numerous reviews on the net, and everybody is raving about them. We actually have three in our demo home cinema room. It is not difficult for one to hear the benefit large power amplification has to offer in any home cinema installation. The first thing to notice would be a major improvement in dynamics, at any listening level. The extra headroom will make soundtracks sound realistic, and if the home cinema room has been designed and engineered correctly, one will have an amazing experience.

In a larger home cinema installation, where reference levels are desired, we need speakers of high efficiency. In order to get an increase of 3db, one must double the power. That would make us think that in a home cinema installation, specifying 400W of amplification is not as excessive as it sounds. That is where Parasound’s monoblocks come into play. They offer the power necessary to reach the desired levels in a home cinema room, and still maintain low distortions.

These Parasound power amplifiers would of course work in a two channel system, with fabulous results. Of course, one needs to consider, that the final sound quality of the room in a two channel system, is only as good as the room itself. Similar properties would apply for a home cinema design.

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