Ideal Room Dimensions Ratio - October 10th, 2008

People quite often talk about the “perfect” room dimensions for their home cinema. The truth is that there is not a specific answer to that statement. The main priority when choosing the home cinema room’s dimensions is to get a modal distribution of the highest density possible. Every room has dimensions, so it has modes. The nicest-sounding home cinema systems tend to have their modes fairly evenly distributed.

Bolt has spent a lot of time on the subject trying to achieve evenly spaced modes. The outcome was that there is a very wide area over which the results were acceptable. Gilford, Louden, Walker, they all published a list of preferred dimensions in order to achieve evenly spaced modes. Consequently, the recommendations cover a wide range of home cinema room proportions.

If you are planning on a bespoke home cinema installation, and you are trying to decide on your cinema room’s dimensions, have a look at the following diagram. The solutions were generated by a computer algorithm, producing the flattest possible modal frequency response. Dark areas correspond to the best room sizes.

The attached spreadsheets give the best room ratios along with the second best solutions, in case your dedicated home cinema design does not comply with the best results, due to building constraints. All attachments are courtesy of Salford University.



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