Home Cinema Reverberation Times - October 2nd, 2008

It is often overlooked in the attempted measurement of RT60 in a dedicated home cinema room, that the definition of RT60 has two parts. The first part is unfortunately commonly overlooked.

1. RT60 is the measurement of the decay time of a well-mixed reverberant sound field well beyond the critical distance, Dc.

2. RT60 is the time in seconds for the reverberant sound field to decay 60 db after the sound source is shut off.

In a dedicated home cinema there is no Dc, no well-mixed sound field, and, hence, no reverberation. There is merely a series of early reflected energy. Consequently, the measurement of RT60 becomes meaningless in such an environment. The control of the early reflections becomes most meaningful because there is no reverberation to mask them. Use of absorptive acoustic panels offers an excellent reflection management approach.

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