Green Glue Soundproofing - September 20th, 2008

Home cinema rooms are projects that deal with very low frequencies. This is something that we have to keep in mind for every dedicated home cinema installation. The advertised STC rating of various products doesn’t mean much in such an environment. The STC rating determines the ability of a material to block sound in the 125-4000 Hz range.

Home cinema rooms require some kind of noise management down to 20 Hz. Application of Green Glue between plasterboard and plywood is a convenient way to increase the soundproofing performance of a barrier. It is a simple and effective method for noise control. Green Glue is used to soundproof walls and ceilings and would have a damping effect by reducing any vibrations.

We specify Green Glue for every dedicated home cinema we design. It offers the highest performance for the lowest cost. If you have any enquiries regarding where to buy Green Glue and the correct applicator, please contact us.

The following diagram demonstrates the benefit of adding green glue into a wall construction.

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