Focal-JMLab Dome Speakers - October 14th, 2008

Focal-JMLab invents Dome, a unique high-end miniature speaker, designed to let you discover true musical performance, without constraints and without encroaching on your environment. A high-end speaker through its design and also in its performance, inversely proportional to the object size, that’s to say radically different from what you could expect from miniature speakers so far.

For Focal, whatever the speaker, whatever its size, its price, the primary goal is to offer the best possible performance. A body in die-cast aluminium alloy, an ultra-glossy black finish, Dome design was thought to be functional, sophisticated, but clean in the extreme. The Focal Dome is a perfect music source for any room in the house, and combining the matched subwoofer, one can create a miniature home cinema system.

In 2.1 stereo systems as in home cinema installations, the sound reaches an extent comparable to the one of a conventional speaker…that is much bulkier. Home cinema rooms of big dimensions are not an obstacle any more for Dome thanks to the dynamics and power of the miniature speakers combined with the subwoofer. You will soon discover that Dome speakers and subwoofer are essential for an irreproachable cinema experience, making them “la creme de la creme” of all miniature home cinema systems.

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4 Responses to “Focal-JMLab Dome Speakers”

  1. Focal faux-pas Says:

    Do these really exist?? Go look at their 2 websites ( and There is zero mention of this product. They have also been featuring it in full page ads in the last few Sound & Vision issues, but give no specs or retail information. I have tried contacting them by e-mail on numerous occasions but all attempts at contact are IGNORED by the manufacturer. Just because you are French is no excuse to be rude to people. Seriously, if they treat potential customers this badly, imagine what they will be like if any of these products require warranty service.

  2. admin Says:

    I am not aware of these two websites to be honest.
    Have a look at the manufacturer’s website @
    You can find all the information you need. They actually sound very impressive for their size.
    The Domes will also be available in white finish around December time…

  3. RobinGB Says:

    Available from Audio-T. I auditioned them and they are very similar but perhaps more musincal than the B&W MT-30

  4. Dan Smith Says:

    The focal speakers are very impresive indeed. Im a home theatre installer here in australia, and i must admit they are one of the most impresive small speakers i have heard for some time. I would definetly say purchase them. I have roof mounted a few of them now and im totally blown away with the sound they can produce, infact they rival if not better alot of the larger style speakers in the same price bracket. If your after a nice sleek look with great sound without the bulkiness go for focals.

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