CinemaTech Home Cinema Seating - September 30th, 2008

CinemaTech is a well known home cinema seating company, based in Dallas, Texas. All their products are handcrafted in Germany, providing hi end luxurious solutions for any dedicated home cinema design. Their innovative seating designs are made from hi grade European leather, and have a full metal internal framing.

CinemaTech seating offers unsurpassed comfort and visionary advancements in technological and ergonomic design. They are renowned as the finest home cinema seating available anywhere in the world. All their seats are engineered for a lifetime of enjoyment.

CinemaTech’s “zero-wall” incliner allows the seat itself to sit virtually against the wall. It is the perfect solution to the home cinema enthusiast with big ideas and small, limited space.

CinemaTech has a simple mission: “to meet the expectations of the most discriminating buyers, one theater or one theater seat at a time”.

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Home Cinema Isolation Products - September 30th, 2008

When designing a high performance home cinema it is critical to keep the noise floor low. This means isolating the room from any exterior noise. There are many products available to assist in sound isolation. Several have been around for quite some time. A new generation of sound isolation materials such as Green Glue and Resilient Sound Isolation Clips has emerged. These materials minimise the transference of sound vibration from one side of a partition to the other.

The added benefit of this isolation is not subjecting others in the home to the explosions in the cinema. A properly designed and constructed dedicated home cinema room will allow total enjoyment of the investment.

The photo below (courtesy of the Soundproofing Company) displays the WhisperClip, the highest performance resilient isolation clip available. It offers superior low frequency performance, and you will most likely find it specified in all our dedicated home cinema designs. The WhisperClip is resilient allowing a wall to flex. This increases sound isolation performance and lowers the resonance frequency point. 

The isolation clips are usually spaced 24″ apart, and there are far fewer contact areas between the plasterboard and the framing system. Decoupling ceilings and walls reduces footfall and airborne noise, enhancing the overall home cinema experience. 

If you need information with sourcing these products, please contact us.

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