Sim2 C3X Lumis Host DLP Projector - March 12th, 2009

Sim2’s latest addition to the Grand Cinema family, the C3X Lumis Host 3-chip DLP projector, follows a different design concept. The projector and the processing circuits are separated, allowing for a more convenient connectivity for all sources, enabling the use of a single cable between the rack and the projector. The C3X Lumis Host projector is a 3-chip DLP design, featuring the latest 0.95″ DC4 DLP chipset from Texas Instruments.

Exceptional contrast ratio of up to 35.000:1 can be achieved, achieving a dramatic increase of black level performance. High end home cinema installations can now produce images of the most fantastic dynamic range available from DLP technology. The projector’s dimmable lamp allows for a full customisation of light intensity and black level, meeting the exact requirements of every custom home cinema. Sim2 C3X Lumis has a choice of three different lens options, allowing for a greater flexibility in the positioning of the projector. 

Sim2’s Host Module houses all processing electronics and can be positioned up to 250 m away from the projector itself. The Host incorporates video switching of six HDCP compliant sources and a LAN connection allows to remotely-control the projector with the use of any IP based control system. The Sim2 C3X Lumis Host projector is a true Italian masterpiece, elegantly integrating in most bespoke home cinema installations.


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Escient Vision Audio/Video Servers - January 17th, 2009

The new Escient Vision VS-100 and VS-200 servers allow you to store movies, music and digital photos and instantly enjoy them from any room of the home through an all-new high definition Escient user interface. The VS-100 offers dual 500 Gb drives and the VS-200 provides dual 1Tb drives respectively.

Built from the ground up for today’s digital home, the Escient Vision series becomes the heart of any multi room video installation, providing the most sought after features for seamless home automation integrations. Continuing Escient’s unmatched excellence in integrating digital media management systems into state of the art audio/video multi room systems, the Vision series supports the proven external control capabilities of Escient Fireball Media management product line.

The server’s storage can be expanded by adding the VX-600, featuring four 1Tb drives in a Raid 5 configuration and providing unlimited storage expansion for all Vision devices. Third party control systems like AMX can provide a truly high end multi room audio and video solution via an easy to use graphic interface. 

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