Air Conditioning in Home Cinema Installations - September 16th, 2008

The design of a dedicated home cinema requires some kind of planning for the air conditioning system in the room. We need to determine where to place the vents and what kind to use, in order to avoid any turbulence.

The location is important, because we need to ensure that all viewers feel comfortable in the home cinema room, without being in a cold draft. However, the biggest challenge in a home cinema installation would be the design of the silencers. Our aim is a home cinema room which would allow every detail to be heard, without any noises masking it. Air conditioning ducts are a common source of noise. A good, but not always feasible solution would be to reduce the generated noise at the source.

Internal duct lining and properly designed in-line silencers would ensure a home cinema installation second to none. The internal duct lining is a type of a porous absorber which is very effective. The silencers are custom designed and help to reduce the transmitted noise into the cinema room.

It is always a priority in every design to construct a room that is very quiet in order to achieve the maximum dynamic range. Correct planning and proper installation is key.

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