Anamorphic Lenses

We are currently offering the Isco anamorphic lenses II & III, with the
CineSlide motorised transport system as an option.

Most films are available in CinemaScope format (2.35 :1)
Within this format a 16:9 projector still shows black bars at the top and bottom of the projected image. This is 33% of the projector’s vertical resolution that is not getting used. An external scaler would allow us to stretch the image, and by using an anamorphic lens, we optically return the original picture geometry. With an optical image conversion, the brilliance and magnificence of the original format is sustained.

You can clearly see the difference in the following pictures; a projector showing 2.35 material, versus the same projector with an Isco anamorphic lens 2 or 3.

The extra 33% resolution is now taken into use. The result is a picture with no black bars on top and bottom, where most films are perfectly framed. Brightness will increase by a minimum of 25% too. That will allow us to maintain a constant height, and get a 33% larger screen.

For film viewing, this is the way to go.



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