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At VIP Cinemas we specialise in the design and installation of High End
Home Cinemas. We also offer a lighting design service, multi room audio installations and home automation; services that would complement and enhance your home and lifestyle.

VIP Cinemas solutions are easy to operate and designed to be flexible enough should your needs change. We work with architects, design consultants, property developers and individual clients to seamlessly integrate the very best technology into homes throughout the NorthWest and the rest of the UK; we have a reputation for delivering on our promises.

CEDIA 2007 Award
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Home Cinema Specialists

We specialise in installing custom home cinemas no matter what the size of your project. Our home cinema specialists are able to design and install high end systems for a range of rooms, from dedicated cinema rooms to a small discrete plasma cinema system in an apartment. Our qualified home cinema specialist team will ensure true cinematic experience; all our home cinemas can be designed to match your design requirements and individual needs.

Home Cinema Installation

We offer bespoke home cinema installations that include all necessary acoustic treatments, in order to achieve a true cinematic experience. Our custom home cinema installations always look professional, and have even won awards for their exceptional quality. To view some examples of our home cinema installations please follow the link.

Home Cinema Speakers/Home Cinema Seating

All our home cinema systems come with state of the art home cinema speakers. We use only the best home cinema speakers from top manufacturers such as Triad, Revel, Velodyne plus many more. Our home cinema speakers can also be tailored to match individual requirements. Your cinema experience would of course not be complete without high quality home cinema seating. VIP cinemas use only the highest quality home cinema seating from respected manufacturers such as Elite, Cinematech and Cineak. Once your home cinema seating has been installed you will believe you are at the real thing.

Home Cinema Design

We understand that clients design needs can be very specific, and are able to offer professional home cinema design to accommodate for this. Before we start the home cinema design process we visit the client’s home to identify the limitations and sound quality of the designated room. We will generate images of the completed room before we start the design process to ensure that the client is happy with the design before the implementation begins. For more information about our custom home cinema design process please follow the link.

Home Theatre

VIP Cinemas use a balance of good design, engineering and professional installation to create your perfect home theatre. Our design team can create bespoke home theatres to accommodate rooms of all sizes. Once completed, your home theatre will look and sound great and will be the envy of all your friends.

VIP Cinemas operate throughout the whole of Europe and the USA. If you are a US-based customer, please follow the link of our US partner. VIP Cinemas undertake home cinema installations in the following areas: London, Manchester, Yorkshire, Chester, Cheshire, Leeds, Wilmslow, Liverpool, Stockport, Southport, Lancashire, Harrogate, Wales, Birmingham, Midlands, etc.

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Latest News - Articles

Speech Intelligibility in Home Cinemas - June 18th, 2009

Most home cinemas suffer from poor speech intelligibility. Lyrics in songs lose their meaning and movie plots are confusing; does this sound familiar? Reflections generated in small listening spaces contribute to degraded dialog intelligibility, creating a very unpleasant listening experience.
Speech intelligibility is a quite interesting topic, especially if one takes into consideration that early reflections [...]

Sound Decay in Home Cinema Rooms - April 18th, 2009

What happens in a home cinema room when a sound source is turned off? When this happens, the sound we hear is, of course, reverberation, the decay of many, many sound waves (or rays) excited by the source. This decay is quantified by the most important single-figure parameter in room acoustics: reverberation time (RT).
Sabine’s [...]

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